Teddy Bears Get New Friends

Little teddy bears have new friends to introduce to you. This collection features stories that the little teddy bears appear in. Each item shows a scene in the stories.


<Teddy Bear and Balloon Earrings>

These earrings are made imaging a story that teddy bears go around the world on the balloon.


The curved wire represents a string. They will be dangling like a balloon waiving in the wind. 


<Teddy Bear and Coffee Earrings> 

Little teddy bears have a dream to be a barista. 


<Teddy Bear and Coffee Cup Ring>

This item features a real coffee bean coated with resin.


<Wedding Teddy Bears Earrings>

A little teddy bear couple have a wedding today. The bride is wearing a white wedding dress and a pearl tiara is shining on her head. A small pink bouquet graces the dress.