Ball Long Wire Earrings


Inspired by celestial motifs, this item is full of positive messages to add a touch of vitality to your style. The elegant shimmer is unique to 925 silver. Accompanied by a small pouch marked the brand name, this item is perfect for a gift as well.

925 silver ( sterling silver) is an alloy of 92.5% silver. Silver is originally soft and easily tarnishes. Please take it off before bathing or excising and keep it away from soaps and rubber to avoid deterioration.

| Care Instruction |
Care it with a soft cloth to keep the luster and shine. Store your jewelry individually in air-tight bags to prevent tarnish and scratches.

Type: Pierced Earrings
Material: nickel free, 925 silver(including earring posts and nuts)
Height: 6cm

Customer Reviews

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Josie TC
Very nice

Nice design with great quality, always looking forward to the new product by Limited number, never disappointed!

Hi Josie! We are grad to hear that you love Limited Number. It encourages us a lot. Hope more people cam find the brand and love its items. Thank you!

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