Field of Flowers

-OLGA Field of Flowers-

-Field of Flowers-

You will find delicate works on the pieces. We were especially committed to the combination of colors and materials in this collection. 



-Flower Basket-

These feature natural materials like wood and rattan. Trending large motifs give you cheerful images. Picture that you go on a picnic wearing them. That should be a great fun!



The healthy green leaves enhance beauty of flowers!




Inspired by straw hats, we made this earring with rattan. You'll never wait summer to come!




Perfect for casual chick styles!


-Flower Crown-

Flower crowns always bring back childhood memories of  princess pretend play. Never lost your childlike innocence!




The language of chinese milk vetch is happiness. The delicate lace adds a touch of brilliance to the flowers. 




We chose dark color flowers so that they don't become too sweet.