Ayatorie Lucky Bag

Exclusive offer! Ayatorie lucky bag is released in a limited quantity.

Release Date

・Presale for news letter members: at 00:00am JST, 26th Dec, 2020 (The early access URL is sent by the news letter)

・General release: at 10:00am JST, 28th Dec, 2020 (There is a possibility that the item gets sold out before being open to the public) 


“Pierced earrings” or “Non-Pierced Earrings”, 2 versions are available.

The lucky bag includes 10 Ayatorie items. And the contents of the bag are as following. 

Lucky Bag Contents

5 pairs of pierced earrings or non-pierced earrings, plus 5 items chosen from other items like necklaces, rings, broaches and so on. The value of the items inside are worth more than 20,000JPY!!!


・Photos on this page are never representative of what's inside.

・The contents of the bag are randomly picked. There is a possibility that some items are duplicates when you purchase 2 or more bags.