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Grace Your Life Space

Ayatorie is a handmade art jewelry brand of Osewaya that designed by Ayano Kazama. To Ayatorie, jewelry is not just a piece to wear, but to grace your life space. Arrange your favorites on the shelve like small figurines and you will be gratified by just looking at them.

100% handmade soap bar


Designed with Stories in Japan

Her creation starts from sketches on the notebook. Flowers, furniture, teddy bears, and even sweet cakes, these designs sometimes bring back memories of childhood and at the other time, remind us of beauty of nature.


Ayano Kazama 

Ayano Kazama, the designer of the brand, has loved drawing pictures since childhood and making things always has been a delightful moment to her. And then the curious girl became a student to study art and design and started making jewelries soon. Even after becoming a professional designer, her enthusiasm is getting stronger than ever.

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