Antibacterial Portable Mask Storage Case with Desiccant Packet


Keep your mask clean! An antibacterial mask case with desiccant packet is released.


  1. The packet is made of highly hygroscopic natural materials like diatomite and bentonite, that are commonly used for bathmats and house walls.
  2. This is a reusable product. When you find that the hygroscopicity is getting weak after using it 5 to 10 times, please do sun-drying and the hygroscopicity is restored.
  3. The packet has the property of antibacterial, deodorization and hygroscopicity, so you can keep masks clean.

 How to Use:

  1. Enfold the packet by the mask
  2. Keep it in the plastic case



・This product is not completely tolerant to a specific virus.

・Please don’t open the packet and keep it away from children.


Material: plastic, diatomite, bentonite

Case: 13.5cm x16cm Packet: 6cm x 10.5cm

Made in Korea