Best sellers in the First Half of the Year 2020

Best sellers in the First Half of the Year 2020

Best sellers in the First Half of the Year 2020

It's July already and A lot of customers visited our stores since the starting of the year. In this time's blog post, we'll expose best sellers in the first half of the year 2020. Let's check the lineup!


1. Delicate Cherry Blossoms and Japanese Fans Asymmetry Sakura Earrings

Through the popular iconic Japan series, these eye-catching cherry blossoms and hand fan earrings are top selling. They match not only kimono and yukata dresses, but everyday wear. They are also popular as a gift for overseas friends.

2.Teddy Bear and Balloon Earrings

Tiny teddy bear's adventure never ends. Their cute looks steal the show anytime. A lot of people look forward to the new items to the series.

3. Butterfly and Rose Drop Earrings

The combination of butterflies and roses are very beautiful. Their translucent wings are designed in every detail. Be beautiful and bold like a butterfly!


4. Translucent Wire Flower Threader Earrings

Have you ever tried threader earrings? They are in style now. The biggest reason why people like these earrings is that that they are very comfortable to wear. This model features a little glossy translucent flower charm dangling . And the length of the chain is just right for you.


5. Faux Cat's Eye Stone Cabochon Earrings

Colorful cat's eye stone is really catchy. Many people bought 2 or more pairs in other colors. They are also perfect as best friend gift!