Japanese Retro Modern Fashion

Japanese Retro Modern Fashion

Japanese Retro Modern Fashion

Our best selling Japan series finally got new items. They feature retro modern fashion in Taisho era when Japan is on the way of modernization. Women's fashion is no exception. People in that era boast really unique coordinates that are a mix of  western modernity and Japanese traditional style. Here is a rundown on 3 of our favorite models from the new items inspired by the good old days of Japan.


 Taisho Era Retro Modern Japanese Pattern Hair Clip

This hair clip features a checkered pattern called "Ichimatsu pattern". This pattern represents prosperity derived form its endless pattern.You can find that  a lot of people are wearing kimonos printed the pattern when you look at movies or any other works which are set in Taisho  era in Japan.


Ichimatsu Pattern Bow Hair Clip

Printed with Ichimatsu pattern, this large bow hair clip really attracts the attention. In Taisho era, it is a very expensive accessory that student girls long for. Looking at woman who wears kimono dress and a big bow clip, it always reminds us of fashion in Taisho era. We often see this coordinate at a graduation ceremony of university even now.

Taisho Era Retro Modern Japanese Pattern Hair Clip Set

This set of hair clip features a Japanese traditional pattern, "Asanoha", which means hemp leaf in Japanese word. This pattern was originally used in Buddhist culture, but people begun to call it as "Asanoha" later on because the pattern looks like hemp leaves. Also hemp symbolizes quick growth, so parents have their children wear clothing with Asanoha pattern hoping for their safe growth.


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